注意:公开记录或公共信息法案要求不能用于获取任何学生的记录.  根据联邦法律(FERPA),学生记录是保密的,必须由学生最近就读的il得克萨斯校区要求.

How to submit your Request - If this is your first time submitting a request, please read the procedures below before submission.


To request information from International Leadership of 德州, please contact 芬恩Simmensen.



将你的要求电邮至 recordrequests@abnormalpenguin.com.



将你的要求传真至 972.479.9129, to the attention of the 打开记录 Coordinator, 芬恩Simmensen.



Mail or deliver your request in person to International Leadership of 德州 – 1820 N Glenville Dr, Ste 100, 理查森,TX 75081.


打开记录 (公共信息行为) Requests Procedures

International Leadership of 德州

Chapter 552 of the 德州 Government Code, also known as the 公共信息行为 (PIA), gives the public the right to access certain government records, 包括与德克萨斯开放注册特许学校的国际领导运作有关的记录. PIA还规定了政府机构在回应公开记录请求时必须遵循的程序.


Our goal is to handle your request accurately and as efficiently as possible. 如果有帮助的话, our PIA Officer/Coordinator is available to explain the types of information we have, 解释这个过程, and offer suggestions to assist you in making a successful request.



How to Make an 打开记录 (PIA) Request:

The following tips may help you make a successful request:

  • Your request must be in writing.

  • 包括你完整的联系信息,特别是你的电子邮件地址.

  • Describe the documents, records, or data being requested.


We ask that your request be specific and include date ranges, if possible. 贝搏体育将与您合作,澄清和缩小您的要求,以便贝搏体育能找到您正在寻找的记录. 清晰简洁. We are not allowed to ask you why you want the information. 然而, we may ask you to clarify your request if we are uncertain as to what you want, 贝搏体育还可以与您讨论,如果您的要求广泛或信息量大,如何缩小您的要求范围.


  • 为了加快贝搏体育对您的要求的回应,您可以要求贝搏体育编辑机密信息.

  • 您的要求应该是已经存在的文件、记录或其他数据.

  • The PIA does not require us to answer questions, 执行法律研究, 或遵守持续不断的要求,定期提供信息或在未来提供准备好的信息.

  • 由法律规定, 请求被认为是在正常工作日(不是州或联邦假日)的正常工作时间(上午8点至下午5点)收到的, 学校放假, closure or skeleton crew day).



What Happens after you Submit a Request?

We respond to requests in the order that they are received. 




The PIA allows public bodies up to ten (10) business days to respond to your request. The response could be that we release parts or all the records, that we have no records responsive to your request, that clarification is needed, that we have estimated charges, 贝搏体育认为这些记录是保密的,并已请求司法部长办公室(“OAG”)就这些记录作出裁决, or that we need additional time to locate, 编译, or manipulate the data/records.


Please be aware that records rarely exist in just one place. 几个德州部门或校园的国际领导和一些不同的员工可能需要定位和编辑响应记录. 有时,在开始定位响应文档之前,贝搏体育必须解决有关请求的问题. Keep in mind that it may take longer to locate, 编译, 并编辑所有记录, especially when a request is large in scope.



What Types of Information are Confidential? 

贝搏体育的一些记录包含的信息可能是机密的,不允许公开披露. PIA或司法部长办公室(OAG)所说的一些机密信息包括, 但不限于, 以下几点:


  • Information that may identify a student (unless you have a right of access).

  • Social Security Numbers of a living person.

  • Credit reports, access codes, account numbers.

  • Personal e-mail addresses of members of the public.

  • Certain financial or medical information.

  • 家庭住址, 电话号码, and family member information of International Leadership of 德州 employees.

  • 与德州国际领导集团有业务往来的公司提交的某些商业秘密或专有信息.




  • Privileged attorney-client communications

  • Information relating to pending or anticipated litigation, audits, and investigations



What Happens if the Information is Confidential, Privileged, or Sensitive?

Certain types of confidential, 享有特权的, or sensitive information may be excepted from public disclosure. 如果贝搏体育认为您所要求的信息是机密的或属于国际航空协会的例外情况之一, 贝搏体育可以将资料提交给OAG,以获得有关记录状况的裁决(书面决定). The OAG generally issues its decisions within 45 days of receipt of our request. OAG将向您发送裁决,贝搏体育将按照OAG的指示或在某些情况下扣留或发布信息, may appeal the OAG’s decision.




In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), 德州国际领导协会被要求不公开披露教育记录中的个人身份信息.  




Personally identifiable information includes, but is not limited to:

  • The student’s name, initials, age, grade;

  • The name of the student’s parent or other family members;

  • The address of the student or student’s family;

  • Names of school personnel and providers of educational services;

  • 个人标识符, such as the student’s social security number, 学生数量, 或生物记录;

  • Other indirect identifiers, such as the student’s date of birth, 出生的地方, and mother’s maiden name;

  • 其他的信息, 单独或组合, 是否与某个特定的学生有关联或可关联,从而允许学校社区中有一个理性的人, who does not have personal knowledge of the relevant circumstances, to identify the student with reasonable certainty; or

  • 由贝搏体育有理由相信知道与该教育记录有关的学生身份的人士所要求的资料.


(当局:20 U.S.C. 1232g; 34 CFR 99.3)




在发布任何可能识别学生身份的信息之前,德州国际领导必须获得适当的授权和有权访问学生信息的人的身份. Any information that may identify a student must be transmitted through secured means, including Secured Encrypted E-mail and/or may be password protected.




Are There Charges for Requesting Records?

贝搏体育为回应国际机场管理局所允许的所有要求,制定了合理的收费标准. We will provide a written statement of estimates charges when charges will exceed $40, in advance of work being started. 您必须在收到任何书面估价后的10个工作日内回复,否则该请求将被视为自动撤销.


广泛的数据和信息很容易从贝搏体育的网站, 并且记录只能通过任命在贝搏体育总部亲自检查. These may be less expensive alternatives.


We will work with you to minimize costs. 例如,贝搏体育可以以电子方式提供记录,以节省复制和人工费.

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